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This essay focuses on the simple rules of creating a user friendly website design. The design concept of the website is created following a target analysis for the site, ensuring the surfer is
Call to Action: The Element that Makes or Breaks a Web Marketing Plan

This essay focuses on The web marketing Call to Action element that is crucial to high conversion rates in your website. The Call to Action

Lady Beetle - Free Joomla Templates

free joomla templatesIn this section you will view our large and keep-growing databse of web design. Our joomla templates are exclusivly original, very modern and mostly with clean style (with exceptions). Our joomla templates comes in a veriaty of formats, We have Flash Header Templates, joomla Templates, Joomla Templates (soon templates with the new version), and Fast Loading templates (for the slow connections). Soon to come are Wordpress Templates.. And many other useful open-source and joomla templates.

We hope to develop and add more joomla templates to the website, in order to improve and upgrade the level of our service. Therefore We call out to every man interesting in joining in our project, to let everyone enjoy Free and cool Website Templates

WARNING: The users alone are responsible for the use of these joomla templates and the rest of the contents of this website. For Further information, view Terms of Use.


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We are very sorry for the unpleasent surprise, but we are working hard to put the joomla 1.0x templates back on the site for you to download... soory and thanks for the understanding..

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