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Joomla CMS System

joomla tutorialLately we received many question regarding the technology behind this web site. this is a content management program called Joomla. in this article you will find information regarding content management programs in general, and regarding Joomla in specific. We will review the idea behind content manager programs, compare the adventeges and short coming of different methods for building web sites' give you a general background of the Joomla system and try to dissolve the first fear the usually prevents web masters to work with content management programs. 

What is the content management program called Joomla
the first version of this program was called "mambo" and was written in the PHP language, and was operated with a MYSQL database. mambo was released by a company called miro and with a GPL license- a free license to work on the program by the open code community. mambo was received with open arm and got to be a very popular program- witch had a lot of high quality web masters work and constantly develop it. after adding more options, models and components to the program by web master from all around the globe mambo was a high quality, very popular program. 

And Then... shocking drama
With time tension and confrontation started to arise between "miro" and the mambo developer. miro tried to control everything that they could regarding the mambo program' and the developers contested, mainly because that idea contradicts with the open code idea and community. eventually miro build a new system to run and develop the program.  

The war of David & Goliath
the developers community sew that act as a direct attack on them decided to part ways from the mambo community and build a hole new community that will continue developing the program- only this time it would truly be based on the oped code principles. due to copyright laws a new name was born, and wit it a new community.

The birth of Joomla
towards the end of 2005 a new community was formed under the name "Joomla" that was actually a continuance of the mambo system. to the surprise of all (miro in particular) the joomla community only kept enlarging her popularity' and became one of the most active communities in no time.

the greatest advantage of this system is it's modularity- that gives you an option of adding components, models and many other options- so it is suited perfectly to you're needs. the system allows to build and run web sites based on templates- witch developers can add on too easily

Content management system
There are many different content management programs. each program is best for different needs' some are commercial and some are based on the open code (so it's free) here is a list of some of the more popular programs


there are systems that are best fitted to run portal's, some are better for a large text and others would be best for small sites. therefore, it would be recommended to define you're needs before you start working on the site. in this article we will focus on the joomla system.

the joomla system is divided to two main categories: the control panel for the webmaster and the site front. from the control panel the web master can control the hole of the site and the display options for the site's front. for example you can control the menus, the content, users, system definitions design patterns etc'- and the outcome would always be shown on the site itself. the front of the site would use as the site  itself and yet it would allow users, with certain access to manege the texts they are authorized to change.

sounds complicated?, well... it's really not  

Who can work this kind of system
one of the most obvious characteristics for the joomla is that any web master with basic knowledge can work and run a site using it. there is no need for programming experience, not even HTML. you only need very basic knowledge and understanding of running web sites. needless to say that if you wish to develop something on you're own- you would need programming knowledge, but mostly, joomla provides enough option that you wouldn't need to do that. 

who is the joomla system suitable for
the joomla system is best suited for small sites- with only a few content pages, or larger sites with hundreds of content pages that updates constantly, joomla is made for small and large business. with that said joomla is not defined as a portal system, and tough it has many of a portal characteristics if you are looking for a portal system we would recommend you check out the phpNuke system.  

How Joomla works
joomla work on you're sites server. the access to the system is made trough you're browser. the system has a visual editor, similar to Word and that allows you to edit you're fonts, add pictures and control the graphics of the site. when creating a certain  page you can easily connect it to a button in the front menu, or have it shown in one or more pages in you're site. joomla has many useful modules including search engines, most watched pages, statistics, Q&A and more. each element can be connected to a PHP tag in you're template so you have full control on how the element would look, were it would be etc'.   

 other component available in joomla
the components are added and developed all the time. joomla is supported by a large reliable community and the component list is constantly growing and improving. here is a small list from a much larger reservoir

Electronic shop, greeting card, calender, newspaper, guest book, forums, picture gallery, blogs, multilanguage, events, message between users and many, many more 

what do i need to have for joomla
joomloa has very basic requirements that are usually provided with any basic hosting agreement
hosting agreement with an FTP approach to the server-
access to mySQL database-
PHP support-

so what are the disadvantages
the main disadvantage is the fact that you are working on the server trough the browser- witch can sometimes slow you down a bit. in my opinion, when compering the great advantages this is worth it

second disadvantage is that with an open code system there is no place to get official support- from a specific company. you can however turn to the joomla community for help

another disadvantage with open codes is they are open to everyone, including to hackers, and anyone with knowledge in programing and developing can use the system. we should however say that security corrections come out all the time by the joomla community. 

Were can we see a  demonstration
well, being that this site is all based on the joomla this is a good demonstration for the joomla

This is it for now,
'till next time...
Rami ben ami and staff

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