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Textile Fabric Patterns

textile fabric design

This is not a tutorial or an article, but a Photoshop addition which you can download in an easy and simple way. You can then use a variety of textile fabric textures. This element includes 12 different types of  fabric textures that can use on your design projects. With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can produce graphic designs for different purposes with a unique and impressive look.

We will go over the phases of the installation of this element step by step and display an example of the possible uses.

Downloading the element:
First of all, download the file by clicking the download button below and save it in your Photoshop Patterns directory.

For PC users:
C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop xPresetsPatterns

For Macintosh users:
Photoshop x/Presets/Patterns

If you cannot find the "Patterns" directory it is alright. Save the file where ever you want and just remember where you saved it.


Installing the file in Photoshop:
The download file comes in a compressed format "". First of all you need to decompress that zip file. After that you will get the patterns file which is called "TextilesPatterns.pat". Open the Photoshop software and go to

Edit > Preset Manager

Select "Patterns" in the dialog box that opens.


And click the "Load" button on the right.
A dialog box with the contents of your computer's hard drive will open. Locate the file "TextilesPatterns.pat" which you have downloaded, mark it and press "Done" or "Load".

Now you will find the new series of  textile fabric patterns which you have downloaded in the "Preset Manager" box.

That's it. Installation is complete.

What do we do with it?
Open a new Photoshop file in Print resolution and the size of a postcard. For example:


Select the entire  work area of the file and go to

Edit > Fill

just like what you do when you want to fill the work area in color, only this time - using the Fill option. Instead of using Foreground or Background color, select the "Patterns" option.


Choose the desired fabric pattern and click "OK".
Your entire work area will be colored with the pattern you have chosen. For example:


From now on it is up to your imagination and creativity. For example:


That's all. 'Till next time, good-luck
Rami Ben Ami and staff

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